Fair Pricing

Installation Politics of Landscape exhibition, PR1 Gallery: Tracy Hill

As every project is different, I don’t have a price list as such but there is a standard pricing structure based upon what is required.

As an example, it is almost always cheaper to photograph several artworks of the same size during the same shoot than doing them individually as the cost per item will be significantly lower due to the initial set-up time involved. For smaller items it will always be cheaper if you arrange delivery and collection.

Conversely, a job that involves travel that is likely to take a whole day to complete, would have to be charged at a day rate along with travel costs, Large items may require the hire of special equipment and/or use of a large space which would also be additional.

Usage also plays a part, as if you only need small images for promotional use or marketing, the cost will be lower than if you need large, high resolution images for commercial reproduction.

You will be always be given a fair price based on an understanding of what is involved, so communication is essential. You tell me what you want and what you need it for and I’ll tell you what it will cost.

And if you on a tight budget, just say – we’ll work out together what can be achieved to fit within that budget. You can always add further uses at a later date – it is more affordable that way, as you pay only for what you need when you need it.

That’s only fair.

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Keeping it simple

Prices for photography often appear daunting, with some based on time,  some on expected ‘uses’ and some a combination. Artwork photography is often worse, based on the number of items, type of media or whether 2D or 3D etc. I try to keep things simple.

Artwork photography is usually needed for one or more of the following, regarded as marketing and self-promotion use:

  • websites, blogs, social media
  • portfolios and submissions for funding, exhibitions etc,
  • marketing, promotion, illustrations ie leaflets, posters, books
  • to document, record and archive

Often, artists want to further monetise their work so photographs are required for more commercial use:

  • reproduction prints
  • licensing for advertising
  • publication as book or CD covers
  • other commercial use such as merchandising

Commercial use licenses inevitably cost more than marketing/self-promotion, so it is essential to explain exactly what you need the images for when getting a quote and you’ll be supplied with what you need.

To use the images freely, at any time and for any purpose, will need an ‘All Uses’ license – this will cost more but will allow just that. Prices will include capture, processing and the subsequent supply of both high and low resolution images.

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Pay As You Go

Many artists however,  just need to document an artwork or installation, or need images for their website, blog or for submissions. So why pay for services you don’t yet need?

As all images are archived safely, they can be supplied in the required format at any time. You can just pay for extra or commercial uses or higher resolution files as and when needed.

  • Less cost up front makes it more affordable to get work photographed
  • Spreading the cost provides more control over your budget
  • Allows the images to start working for you by increasing your profile

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Supply On Demand

Ever been caught out not having images of your artwork in the right format, resolution or size when needed? Have images of your artwork ever appeared in print with the wrong colours or looked dull and flat?

You are an artist – why should you need to worry about file sizes, colour profiles, resolution and formats?

Let me take the stress away. I can provide ‘on demand’ service so that whenever you are asked to supply an image for any purpose, simply send me the details and I will take care of it.

Some clients refer all requests from publishers, printers, galleries etc to me – I then act on their behalf, supplying files direct so they don’t need to worry about it. I am happy to discuss this option if of interest.

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Galleries, museums and individual artists with entire collections that need to be digitised, please get in touch. Work can often be carried out on site.

If you have a large number of transparencies or slides needing digitisation, these can be sent to me and be returned once capture is complete. The images will then be available at whatever size or resolution needed.

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Ra! The Sunflower installation: Denise Swanson