Re-capture from slides

Venetian Maps: Lubaina Himid. From transparency

Do you have slides or transparencies with images of your artworks photographed in the years before digital cameras? Many artists are in the same position and often the artworks on those slides are no longer available to photograph again.

One solution many consider is to scan the slides – however this does not provide the best results. The colour profiles offered by even high-end scanners often do not do the artwork justice, giving an artificial or false rendering of colours and can introduce other artefacts.

Denise has successfully digitised hundreds of slides for reproduction in printed books, with techniques developed using high resolution photography. It is a longer process but the end results are superior, giving opportunities to reprocess the image, adjust the colours, lighten any shadows, correct any colour casts and clean any dust spots or surface scratches.

If you have old slides of your artworks that need digitising, get in contact. You are welcome to send 2 or 3 for a test shoot before committing, to see if the results suit your needs.

I can’t believe the quality – these are exactly what I need for this book

Plan B: Lubaina Himid. From transparency