CART in Durham – the journey

The second stage of the CART in Durham project involved the cart’s journey as it was pulled by hand through the cobbled streets of Durham, up steep hills to the cathedral and beyond, to the University. This was always going to be challenging but the snow and freezing cold with biting wind made it even more so.

Where the cart’s journey through Preston had been in torrential rain, we were at least blssed with some sunshine but along with the sun was snow, hail and a freezing wind. Combined with the cobbled streets and steep, hilly terrain, this had the potential for anything to happen.

As well as keeping up with the cart, I was trying to keep an eye out for potentially interesting shots as the cart was dragged up steep hills, then making a rapid descent and across the road up towards the cathedral.

After a brief stop in the market place it was onwards and upwards to the cathedral and then back down the hill, down narrow, steep windy roads, to the University. A brief respite before it returned to the copse at the DLI on a low loader.

It was a fun, albeit tiring day and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The volunteer cart pullers had fun although exhausted by the end. After a lovely lunch, we all returned to the DLI to see the cart back into the copse. This had been a successful event and one of which the artists and project manager Richard Bliss could be very proud. I was certainly proud to have been part of it.

This was a fascinating project to be a part of and one which I really enjoyed. With hundreds of images, hopefully, the project will live on. Maybe the cart will make an appearance in another town sometime in the future.

Susan Walsh's CART project in Durham
Susan Walsh’s CART project in Durham
Susan Walsh - Cart in Durham
Detail of the cart
CART in Durham
The Cart outside Durham University’s conference centre