Signs of the times

The brief here was to photograph a series of hand-painted signs by artist Lubaina Himid. In itself, that ought not to be too problematic but these signs were over 9 foot wide, only about an inch in height and about 1/4 inch thick. A single shot of each one was therefore not an option.

I set up an area in the studio, fastening each sign up on the wall one at a time and lit the whole area as evenly as possible with overhead and side lights, all diffused. Then a series of shots, using a 100mm lens to minimise distortion and moving the tripod along a parallel line to keep the same distance from camera to artwork, to give a series of overlapping shots.

The most challenging part then was to correct the unevenness in lighting over such a wide area along with slight lens distortion, in post-processing. The final challenge was then stitching each one, with the final file sizes enormous due to stitching up to 12 high resolution images together.

The signs were used in an exhibition at the Durham Light Infantry Museum which I also photographed. That exhibition was part of the CART project by Susan Walsh which I have previously photographed in Preston and which I photographed again in Durham.

what would you take

fill new buckets

knots of poverty