Artwork photography

Paincropped-DSF1215.jpgting, drawing, print, sculpture, ceramic, carving, jewellery, metalwork, glass – 
all artwork deserves to be shown at its very best, to as wide an audience as possible.

High quality images in printed catalogs, brochures or on your website, increase opportunities for exposure. Good photography is as important as using the right materials. It is one of the best investments any artist can make.


Artists – your artwork captured in its’ true colours, showing all the texture, fine detail and subtle nuances of your creativity.

An accurate record to keep or display long after the original has sold, reaching a wider audience. Gaining more exposure, opening up new opportunities.

Showcasing your best work helps increase your profile and gain more sales.

Good artwork needs good photography. To maintain an accurate record, enhance reputation and increase new opportunities.

Galleries & museums – your most treasured objects and artefacts can be enjoyed by more visitors than before.

From the smallest fossils to life-size, each captured to show their true textures and surfaces with skilful use of lighting.

Digitising artworks is becoming increasingly important, for online visibility, documentation and archives. Especially for museums and galleries, to aid distribution and meet contemporary cultural developments.


Denise is a professionally qualified fine art photographer and printmaker, specialising in providing high quality images of  artworks and installations, objects and artefacts, for artists, galleries and museums.

2D and 3D artworks of all sizes can be photographed in a custom-designed studio in Preston, whilst a mobile mini-studio enables location work throughout the North West of England and beyond.
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