Recent projects

Detail from Art Map of Lancashire project: Gordon Ashworth. Photo: ©Denise Swanson

From documenting major installations to carefully photographing individual artworks to capturing moments from some mad projects, I love the variety and also the process of working collaboratively with artists to capture the essence of their work. The reaction when they see the final images is very satisfying and the reason I enjoy the work so much.

Recent commissions include:

  • documenting exhibition at the Baltic Gallery for Turner Prize winning artist Lubaina Himid
  • producing editions of fine art prints for resale
  • photographing a variety of sculptures of various sizes in collections as part of the Art UK Sculpture project
  • photographing a huge ‘old master’ painting for valuation before going into a private collection
  • documenting the Making A Mark  projects in Preston over 3 years
  • photographing several series of small and large, dark and heavily textured oil paintings
  • photographing a huge installation of hand-painted, collectable carts and vehicles of various sizes
  • documenting an entire collaborative project as part of Lancashire Encounter
  • a large commissioned artwork prior to installation at the Gwanjiu Biennale
  • a performance project through the streets of Preston
  • photographing series of artworks and generating a website for artist Catherine Fisher
The foodbank installation: Tim Saunders/Oxheys. Photo: ©Denise Swanson
  • photographically documenting an important installation as part of an national exhibition at Tate Liverpool
  • a series of large paintings for publication in a book
  • digitising, restoring & reproducing a large collection of 35mm slides and 120 film negatives for publication
  • photographing an entire collection of 100 life-size artworks being acquired by the International Slavery Museum
  • an important national exhibition at Tate Britain for a book published by Tate
  • photographing artwork and designing banners for a large public realm project as part of We Play Expo, funded by Cultural Olympiad ACE
  • documenting a performance project in the streets of Durham and exhibition at the Light Infantry Museum
CART in Durham project: Susan Walsh. Photo: ©Denise Swanson
  • documenting various artists’ live performances
  • portfolio images for a life model
  • photographing sculpture and ceramics
  • reproduction of artworks as fine art prints
  • documenting a variety of exhibitions in both small and large galleries and industrial spaces
  • documenting installations and other projects in various public or outdoor locations


Waiting Room project: Lisa Wigham. Photo: ©Denise Swanson