Artist portraits

Lubaina Himid CBE, Professor of Contemporary Art, UCLan. Photo: ©Denise Swanson

Need portraits for sending with publicity material, exhibition submissions or for a website or portfolio? At work in your studio or out in the environment? During a performance or taking part in an activity or event? Artists, musicians, performers, all need photos at some time. Whilst not a conventional portrait photographer, working regularly with artists of all kinds means I often get asked and am always happy to try and capture their character, not just how they look.

Some tips for preparing for your portait

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Samantha Blackburn, Arts Officer. Photo: ©Denise Swanson
Robin Fanner, Life model. Photo: ©Denise Swanson
Garth Gratrix, artist & curator. Munari series, performance art. Photo: ©Denise Swanson